Bridal jewelry set wholesale in chennai | Cheapest & Best Trendy Collections

By | April 29, 2023
Bridal jewelry set wholesale in chennai | Cheapest & Best Trendy Collections

Looking for quality wedding jewelry sets at an affordable price in Chennai? Look no further than our selection of wholesale bridal jewelry. Our trendy collections offer the perfect finishing touches for your special day, all while saving you money. Whether you’re searching for traditional gold pieces or modern designs, we have something for every bride-to-be. Don’t break the bank on your wedding jewelry – shop with us for the best deals in town.

Bridal jewellery set wholesale in Chennai: The Cheapest and Best Trendy Collections


Wedding season is just around the corner, and the bride-to-be’s search for the perfect bridal jewellery set is officially on! Choosing the right bridal jewellery can make all the difference on your big day, and it can take your bridal look up to next level. Bridal jewelry is one of the most essential parts of the bride’s attire. It reflects her personality while elevating her wedding day look to the next level.

If you’re looking for the best bridal jewellery set for your upcoming wedding, then look no further than Aviraa Bridal Jewellery—a one-stop-shop for all your jewelry needs.

About Aviraa Bridal Jewellery

Aviraa Bridal Jewellery is a renowned jewelry store located in Sowcarpet, Chennai, with beautiful collections of bridal jewelry sets. They have been in the jewelry business for over 10 years and have made a name in the industry by providing excellent quality products with the trendiest designs. They specialize in creating statement jewelry pieces that are perfect for bridal wear, and are known for their rich and exquisite design collections.

They offer a wide range of bridal necklaces, earrings, bangles, tikka sets, waist belts, and what not! If you want something unique and customized, they also specialize in designing pieces according to your needs. During the pandemic, the brand has also resorted to online shopping options to cater to its customer base across the world.

Availability of the Best Bridal Jewellery Sets for 2022

At Aviraa Bridal Jewellery, you can find the best bridal jewelry sets for your wedding day, and that too at affordable prices. Their collections are perfect for South Indian brides who want to look their best on their special day.

Whether you are looking for a stunning ruby necklace set, a heavy temple jewelry set, or elegant diamond studded jewelry, Aviraa has it all. They have a wide range of product categories to choose from, including antique jewelry, contemporary jewelry, and traditional jewelry. They also specialize in larger than life jewelry patterns and designs that are perfect for the experimental bride who loves to go bold with her jewelry.

Shop Located in Sowcarpet, Chennai with Beautiful Collections of Bridal Jewellery Sets

Aviraa Bridal Jewellery is located in the buzzing market area of Sowcarpet in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Sowcarpet is known for its large wholesale market for fabrics, textiles, and jewelry.

Aviraa Bridal Jewellery has made a name for themselves in the busy street by offering trendy designs that keep pace with the latest fashion trends. You can visit their store in Sowcarpet to get a look and feel of their collections firsthand. They welcome customers with open arms and aim to provide a seamless shopping experience to brides-to-be and their families.

Online Shopping Options Available for Bridal Jewelry Sets

If you are unable to visit the store in person, you can shop for your bridal jewelry through their online shopping platform. Aviraa Bridal Jewellery has an online presence where customers can browse through their catalogues and shop for products comfortably in their own home.

To make the shopping experience even easier, they offer worldwide shipping to deliver products to their clients living abroad. With the click of a button, you can purchase a piece of jewelry that’ll make your bridal look stand out.

South Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets Wholesale Options Available

Aviraa Bridal Jewellery offers wholesale options for South Indian bridal jewelry sets for their clients. This feature is perfect for bulk orders and helps create economies of scale.

If you own a retail or fashion business or are looking to buy bridal jewelry sets in bulk, you can contact Aviraa Bridal Jewellery, and they will offer wholesale options for you. Moreover, they also offer dicounts for bulk purchases.

Unboxing Video Available for Foreign Jewelry

If you are an international client of Aviraa Bridal Jewellery and want to get a look and feel of their stunning collections before ordering, then you’re in luck! They offer an ‘Unboxing Video’ of their foreign jewelry collections on their social media channels.

Moreover, they play music by Foreign 1900 in the videos adding to the appeal of the products. The unboxing video is an excellent way to get a detailed look at their products and the quality of their service.


Aviraa Bridal Jewellery offers the best bridal jewelry sets in Chennai with trendy designs and affordable prices. The quality of the products is top-notch, and customers can always expect amazing service when shopping from Aviraa. With their online shopping facility and worldwide delivery options, they have become a one-stop-shop for bridal jewelry sets.


  1. What kind of bridal jewelry does Aviraa Bridal Jewellery Sell?
    Aviraa Bridal Jewelry sells a wide range of bridal jewellery including necklaces, earrings, bangles, tikka sets, waist belts, and more.

  2. Are there any discounts available if I buy in bulk from Aviraa Bridal Jewellery?
    Yes, Aviraa Bridal Jewellery offers wholesale options and discounts for bulk purchases.

  3. Where is Aviraa Bridal Jewellery located?
    Aviraa Bridal Jewellery is located in Sowcarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

  4. Do they offer online shopping options for bridal jewellery sets?
    Yes, Aviraa Bridal Jewellery does offer an online shopping platform for their customers.

  5. Do they offer Worldwide shipping?
    Yes, Aviraa Bridal Jewellery offers worldwide shipping to their customers living abroad.

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