American Diamond Jewellery supplier Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal

By | July 1, 2023
American Diamond Jewellery supplier Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal

Looking to add some sparkle and elegance to your jewelry collection? Look no further than Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal, a leading supplier of American Diamond Jewellery. Our extensive collection is designed to enhance your natural beauty and complement any outfit. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standard of jewelry to our customers. Explore our stunning range of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more and discover your new favorite piece today!

American Diamond Jewellery Supplier: Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal

Jewelry is an essential accessory for women. They add charm to every outfit, making them look more elegant and sophisticated. More often than not, women have a fascination for American Diamond Jewelry. The shimmering diamond-like stones on the jewelry give a lustrous feel to its aesthetic.

In this article, we will be discussing the top American diamond jewelry supplier, Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal, located in Chennai, India. We will provide an in-depth review of the services offered and the variety of products available.

Introduction: Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal

Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal is a wholesale market located in Sowcarpet, Chennai. This store offers a wide range of American diamond jewelry at affordable prices. It prides itself on supplying premium quality jewelry to customers. Furthermore, they are well-known for their customized jewelry and light-weight wedding sets.

The shop is situated in Shop No.2, Kadel Complex, 343, Mint Street (Near Kakada Ramprasad), Sowcarpet Chennai 600 079. They cater to both local and pan-India clients.


Imitation jewelry

Dhanesh Jewellers located in Sowcarpet offers a variety of imitation jewelry at affordable prices. Their jewelry collection includes beautiful necklaces, elegant earrings, charming bracelets, and exquisite rings. They use American diamond stones, which give an elegant touch to every piece.

Wholesale rental jewelry collections

Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal provides a unique service in the form of wholesale rental jewelry sets. These collections are available in various designs that range from traditional to modern designs. The store assures premium quality jewelry and designs that will stun every customer.

South Indian Bridal Bangles Set

The wholesale market also offers traditional South Indian Bridal Bangles sets. These are handcrafted with intricate designs on a base metal of copper or brass. These sets are finished with high-quality gold plating and studded with dazzling stones, giving the bride a resplendent and stunning look.

Charminar bangles

Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal also sells renowned Hyderabad’s Charminar bangles, a variety of bangles. These bangles are known for their unique design and vibrant colors. They are not only beautiful pieces of jewelry but also have cultural significance.

Premium quality necklace and stone jewelry

The store has a range of premium quality necklaces using high-quality materials like Kundan, Jaipur enamelling, pearls, and more. These necklaces ooze elegance and sophistication. The store also has a selection of exquisite stone jewelry that gives off a classic vibe.


Customized jewelry

Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal offers customized jewelry to meet the customer’s specific needs. They provide designing and creating customized pieces of jewelry, taking insights into the customer’s requirements. Any image or style can be reimagined into an intricately designed piece of American diamond jewelry.

Light-weight wedding sets

The store has personalized light-weight wedding sets showcasing the latest designs that add grandeur to the bride’s overall look. They are comfortable to wear and add just the right glint to the wedding attire. The sleek and subtle design of the set compliments the bride’s outfit while making the bride feel at ease.

Online Shopping

Dhanesh Jewellers does online shopping for booking wholesale imitation jewelry via Whatsapp. Customers can scan the QR code present on the shop‘s board or add their mobile number given on the board to open their product catalog on WhatsApp. Customers can browse and select from a variety of products that match their style.

Conclusion: Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal

If you are looking for high-quality American diamond jewelry, Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal is an ideal spot. The store has a vast selection of traditional and modern jewelry designs that cater to all tastes. They also provide personalized services and boast an online shop that makes shopping more accessible.


  1. What types of jewelry does Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal offer?
    Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal offers a variety of jewelry items, including necklaces, earrings, bangles, bracelets, and rings, made with American diamond stones.

  2. What is the specialty of Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal?
    Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal is reputed for its customized jewelry and light-weight wedding sets. They also offer rental jewelry, catering to customers’ specific needs.

  3. Can I order American diamond jewelry from Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal online?
    Yes, Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal offers online booking of wholesale imitation jewelry via WhatsApp.

  4. What is the store’s address of Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal?
    The store is located at Shop No.2, Kadel Complex, 343, Mint Street (Near Kakada Ramprasad), Sowcarpet Chennai 600 079.

  5. Is Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal’s jewelry authentic?
    Chocker Aaram Necklace Valayal guarantees premium quality jewelry made with American diamond stones that add charm to every woman’s attire.

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