Affordable Bridal Jewellery in Chennai: Get Full Bridal Jewellery Sets for just Rs.1995/-

By | July 5, 2023
Bridal Jewellery Low Price in Chennai - Flat Rs.1995/- Offer for Full Bridal Jewellery Sets

I, being a jewelry enthusiast, am thrilled to share with you an exciting discovery that I made recently. In the bustling city of Chennai, I stumbled upon a hidden gem that offers exquisite bridal jewelry sets at unbelievably affordable prices. Yes, you read that right – full bridal jewelry sets for a mere Rs.1995/-! Allow me to take you on a virtual tour as I unveil the wonders of affordable bridal jewellery in Chennai.


In this article, I want to share my personal experience with you about finding affordable bridal jewellery in Chennai. I recently uploaded a video that covers the topic of low price bridal jewellery in Chennai and bridal jewellery sets with price. If you’re a bride-to-be looking for beautiful jewellery at a reasonable price, then this article is for you!

Personal Experience:

I started my research on affordable bridal jewellery in Chennai because I understand how important it is for brides to find the perfect jewellery to complement their wedding attire. I wanted to create a video that showcases different options for brides on a budget. After thorough research, I found Girl Treasures Bridal Rental & Fashion Jewellery, a popular jewellery rental shop in Chennai.

Low Price Bridal Jewellery in Chennai:

At Girl Treasures, you can find a stunning collection of bridal jewellery sets with price starting at just Rs.1995/-. Yes, you read that right! It’s amazing to have such beautiful options at such affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for traditional temple jewellery or trendy modern designs, this store has it all.

Bridal Jewellery Sets with Price:

The video I uploaded provides a detailed look at some of the bridal jewellery sets available at Girl Treasures. It includes information about the prices, designs, and the overall rental process. By watching the video, you’ll get a clear idea of what to expect and how to get your hands on these amazing bridal jewellery sets.

Contact Details and Social Media Links:

If you’re interested in renting bridal jewellery from Girl Treasures, you can easily get in touch with them. You can find their contact details on their website or you can directly visit their store. Additionally, they have active social media profiles where you can explore more designs and get updates on their latest collections.

My Encouragement to Watch Other Videos:

Apart from the video I uploaded about low price bridal jewellery in Chennai, there are many other videos available on my channel that might interest you. I cover various topics related to bridal fashion, makeup, and hairstyling. So, feel free to explore and find more valuable content that can enhance your overall wedding experience.

Request to Share the Video:

If you found the video helpful and informative, I kindly request you to share it with your friends who might also be searching for affordable bridal jewellery. Sharing is caring, and together, we can help brides-to-be find the perfect jewellery that fits their budget.

Brides Searching for Bridal Jewellery Online:

In today’s digital age, brides often resort to online searches to find the best deals on bridal jewellery. By typing in keywords such as “bridal jewellery in Chennai” or “affordable bridal jewellery sets,” they can discover great options like the ones available at Girl Treasures. So, don’t hesitate to search online and explore various options before making your final decision.

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Finding affordable bridal jewellery in Chennai is now easier than ever, thanks to stores like Girl Treasures Bridal Rental & Fashion Jewellery. With a wide range of designs available at low prices, brides can now fulfill their dream of wearing stunning jewellery without breaking the bank. I encourage you to watch the video I uploaded and explore more options that can add a touch of elegance to your wedding day. Don’t forget to share the video and spread the word so that more brides can benefit from this valuable information.


  1. Can I purchase the bridal jewellery sets instead of renting them?
    No, Girl Treasures specializes in bridal jewellery rental. It allows brides to wear beautiful jewellery at an affordable price without the need for long-term ownership.
  2. Are the rental rates mentioned in the video per day or for the entire wedding duration?
    The rental rates mentioned in the video are for the entire wedding duration. You can rent the bridal jewellery sets for a specific number of days as per your requirements.
  3. Can I customize the bridal jewellery sets according to my preferences?
    Yes, Girl Treasures offers customization options. You can discuss your specific requirements with their team, and they will assist you in creating a personalized bridal jewellery set.
  4. How can I book my bridal jewellery ahead of time?
    To book your bridal jewellery, you can either visit the store or contact Girl Treasures through their website or social media channels. They will guide you through the booking process.
  5. What is the refund policy if I need to cancel my rental order?
    Girl Treasures has a flexible refund policy. If you need to cancel your rental order, make sure to inform them at least a few days in advance to receive a refund.